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Supported Platforms:
Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/ XP / Vista
Disk Space Requirement:
100 MB free space
Price: $19.95
Minimum System Configuration Required:
Pentium Class Processor
10 MB free hard disk space for Software installation
64 Mb RAM (128 recommended)
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Know about Chily Memory Optimizer - the software which Speed Up your PC...

Chily Memory Optimizer is a tool to increase RAM memory of the computer system which makes it fast and more efficient.

At times you must have felt that your computer is working slow than its usual performance speed, or has started taking too much time to launch applications. What could be the reason for this? The possible reasons which lead to slow working of the computer system are:

  • Your computer do not have sufficient RAM memory
  • Your computer is infected with virus
  • Your hard drive is fragmented
  • You are running many programs at the same time

Usually the reason why computers slow down is lack of physical memory installed on your PC as compared to the amount of memory used and required by the applications running. The best way to check the computer memory is via Task Manager. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE key simultaneously and you can view the amount of physical memory in use. Here you can also view the number of applications running in your PC. Any suspicious application can be terminated from here itself.

Another reason is software downloads from internet. The downloaded software are accompanied with other small software like toolbar, screen savers etc which run in the background and utilize the memory space. If you find any suspicious software which is not of use, then remove the application(s) through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel.

All these activities are effectively controlled with Chily Memory Optimizer software. The memory optimizer software performs many tasks with which you can prevent unusual activities in your PC. You can optimize PC memory, terminate any application process, optimize any single process, define maximum critical limit for optimization and much more.

Chily Memory Optimizer is equipped with three user friendly features: Current System Performance, Current System Process and Settings. These three features are explained below:

Current System Performance :

This window displays the ongoing current system performance of your computer. Similar to Task Manager, this section shows performance of the Memory and CPU. The RAM memory, which is in use by every single running process, is also displayed with this feature.

Current System Process :

This window displays the number of applications currently running in your computer system. Here you can also close an application (s) by selecting any process and clicking the "End Process" button.

With this window you also come to know how much memory is being used by a single process and so you can then decide to optimize that specific process or terminate any process. You can also optimize single process by clicking the Optimize Selected Process button. This window refreshes automatically in 30 seconds for new updates of application(s) on your PC.

Settings :

This window enables you to configure Chily Memory Optimizer according to your optimization needs.

Configure Critical Limit: Here you can configure critical limit of optimizing the computer memory i.e. define a percentage of memory when reached to be optimized automatically. For example, 40 % limit can be defined and as soon memory reaches 40 % limit, Chily Memory Optimizer will give you the notification and start optimizing the memory.

Shortcut Key: Assign keyboard values and create a shortcut to optimize memory by just pressing the keyboard combinations.

General Settings: The following settings can be enabled or disabled here;

  • Run Optimizer at startup
  • Show notification when system reach to critical limit, and
  • Automatic refresh process list

Thus, Chily Memory Optimizer is an efficient RAM memory optimization tool which gives you a fast running and error free PC.